Postnatal excercise

In the postnatal exercises you will receive important information about the pelvic floor, its structure and its functions. 


With the experience as a midwife and the background knowledge as a pelvic floor expert, we show you various awareness and strengthening exercises for your pelvic floor, deep abdominal and back muscles, which improve your body awareness and support the regression after pregnancy and birth.



Together with other women you will learn how to tense and release your pelvic floor in a controlled way.

 An upright posture and conscious breathing allow you to perform everyday tasks such as heavy lifting, coughing or sneezing with less strain on your pelvic floor and prevent the risk of incontinence or prolapse.

The course is recommended to start at the earliest after six (natural birth) or eight (caesarean section) weeks.


Postpartum exercises are offered in German (Salomé) and English (Sophie).

Language and instructor are noted. The course concept is identical.


The postnatal gymnastics includes:

  •    Eight evenings of 60 minutes each (without child).
  •    Profound knowledge of the pelvic floor
  •    Breathing techniques
  •    Practical exercises for the pelvic floor, deep abdominal and back muscles
  •    Incontinence and prolapse prophylaxis
  •    Tips and tricks for a pelvic floor-friendly posture in everyday life and sports
  •     Information about sexuality and scar care after birth
  •     Handout for weekly exercises
  •     Body awareness and relaxation
  •     Opportunities for exchange with other women


Further information:


Course Nr.2 april - may 2023 (english)

5.4.23 / 12.4.23 / 19.4.23 / 26.4.23 / 3.5.23 / 10.5.23 / 17.5.23 / 24.5.23

instructor: Sophie Day

Course Nr: 5 october - december 2023 (english)

18.10.23 / 25.10.23 / 1.11.23 / 8.11.23 / 15.11.23 / 22.11.23 / 29.11.23 / 6.12.23

instructor: Sophie Day  

Sophie Day midwife & instructor
Sophie Day midwife & instructor


2012 – 2015 Midwifery education in Freiburg Germany

2015 – 2019 Delivery ward at Gesundheitszentrum Fricktal AG

2019 – until now working as a freelance midwife

Further Education:

2016 traditional art of midwifery with Barbara Kosfeld

2018 postnatal gymnastics with infants with Susanne Frieseberg

2018 power seminar for birth preparation courses with Susanne Frieseberg

2021 training as cert. Pelvic Floor Specialist BeBo® concept