Professional consultation

Geburtsvorbereitung, SchwangerschaftskontrolleGeburtsvorbereitungskurs, Rückbildungskurs, Wochenbett, Hebamme Salomé Jungen, Beckenboden, Schwangerschaft, Zyklus-Show, Rückbildungsgymnastik
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In Switzerland 7 antenatal check- up controls are covered by the basic health insurance either by a midwife or a doctor. As an independent midwife I work close together with your gynecologist and can attend you during  the whole physiological pregnancy or intermittently together with your doctor. 


what includes an antenatal appointment- visit at your home: 

  •  asking about your medical, obstetric and family history 
  •  examinations regarding the 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester or the last 4 weeks of your pregnancy (measuring weight, blood pressure, taking urine & blood, listening to your babies heartbeat, palpating your belly to  asses the growth of your child and determine the position of the baby in your uterus)
  • providing information about nutrition, physical activity 
  • preparing you and your partner for labor
  • important informations about the postpartum - time
  • preparation regarding breastfeeding - start
  • answering and discussing your questions and concerns