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This weekend-antenatal class ist packed with a wealth of information and exercises, preparing you thoroughly for the birth and care of your child.





Saturdaymorning "women to women":

My aim is to empower you as a pregnant women and to strength your health competences. The more you learn and practice, the more confident, relaxed and focused you will be regarding childbirth, the postpartum and the care of your newborn.Very important ist this " body work" for you. The bodily excercises reassure that - together with your unborn baby - you can get through childbirth.


Sundayafternoon "together with your partner":

 together we learn understanding the birthing process and the orchestration of hormones for natural birth and how your partner* can support you during labour and the first days after birth.


Language: German

We recommend starting the classes from the 24. week of pregnancy.

Cost: 350.-  ( 150.- can be reclaimed from your insurance)


For birth preparation classes in english -> contact Sophie Day


Individual antenatal class

If for any reason you wish for a private- approximately - two hour antenatal class, I will be happy to arrange this for you at your home.

Cost: 120.- /h (150.- can be reclaimed from your insurance)


I am looking forward to hearing from you and welcoming you in my classes.